Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Polygon Art, Polygon Posters, and Transformation Art

During math stations lately, a couple of choices have revolved around polygons: polygon art, polygon posters, and transformation art.

For the polygon art, students followed this rubrichttp://mathforthemiddle.com/Documents/Polygon%20Art.pdf, to create either an abstract picture or a recognizable picture. While we'll add more, here are some examples of a students who used at least one of the following polygons to create their pictures.

See if you can find the following polygons in each artwork below:
Brooke's polygon art

* triangle
* pentagon
* hexagon
* heptagon
* octagon
* nonagon
* decagon
Alex's polygon art

John's polygon art


For the polygon posters, students sectioned off their poster into four categories: polygons, non-polygons, concave polygons, and convex polygons. Then they drew several examples of each and wrote explanations to describe each kind. Check out a few examples below:

For the transformation art, students cut out and designed their own polygon on an index card; then they used their polygon to make various polygon transformations: translations, reflections, and rotations. 

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