Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Verb Vokis

Today we began learning about the different types of verbs--action, linking, and helping--by creating Vokis which explain different types of verbs, give examples of different types of verbs, and use different types of verbs in actual sentences.

Verb Wall

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mystery Skype With Mrs. Grayson's Class by: Anna & Chesnee

We are just about to start skyping with Ms.Grayson's class! Our class is so excited to be doing the Skype with Mrs.Grayson's class. We have just started the Skype with Mrs.Grayson's class. They just asked us if we lived East of the Mississippi River. We said that we are not East of the Mississippi River. We asked if they were South of Colorado?  They said that they are not South of Colorado. They just asked us if we border another country? We said that we don't border another country. They said they do not live in the Northwest. We just asked if they lived in the Appalachian Mountains.We just asked if they lived in the Northwest? They said that the did not live in the Northwest. They just asked us if our state begins with a vowel? We said no our state doesn't begin with a vowel. They are about to ask us another question it is do we border the Gulf of Mexico? We said no we don't border the Gulf of Mexico. They just asked us if we lived in Missouri and we said YES!! so they figured us out. Now we are going to try to figure them out and we guest Virginia? They said yes they did live in Virginia. We are about to say bye Lexi and Caitlyn said that we had a lot of fun. They are about to share a couple of things about their state. They said that they have a lot of water parks in Virginia. We are just about to tell  them about our state. This is what we said "The city that we live in is Springfield, the third largest city in our state.Our head corters is Bass Pro Shops. And we just had a ice storm yesterday. "

We are just about to log off. We had a lot of fun typing about our mystery Skype.~ Chesnee & Anna.

Chesnee says " It was a lot of fun to learn about Virginia"
Anna says "They live close to the Appalachian Mountains."
Makaiah says " It was really fun to hear about where they lived."
Jaden says "My job for the Mystery Skype was a mapper and basically all I did was listen to what Mrs.Grayson's class had to say and mark it on a map."

Friday, February 15, 2013

Presidents' Day Scavenger Hunt and Today's Meet

In honor of Presidents' Day, we did an online scavenger hunt with a partner using the official White House website HERE.

First we had a choice in which level of scavenger hunt to focus on: beginner or intermediate.  Then in our self-selected groups, we paired with up someone in our group to collaborate with on the scavenger hunt.

After we worked for awhile on the scavenger hunt, we shared our learning with each other on TodaysMeet.

Here's part of our conversation via the Today's Meet transcript:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013 in Room 121

Before our party on Valentine's Day, we created friendship cinquains and used candy sweethearts to collaborate on a math project with a partner from our teams.

The Animoto video below, created by McKenzie and Lexi, highlights moments throughout our day in Room 121 on Valentine's Day 2013.

Here's a closer look at our friendship cinquains, which were written by our partners after they had interviewed us:

CLICK HERE for more information on the math project, and CLICK HERE for more information about the friendship cinquains. 

Exponent Love Letters via RAFT prompt

To help refresh our memories on exponents during math, we collaborated with one or more partners to write "love letters" to exponents from the perspective of the base numbers. 

We used the following RAFT writing prompt format to guide us:

Role- base number
Audience- exponent
Format- love letter (or thank you letter)
Topic- what you (the exponent) means to me (the base number)   

Here's a video of some of us sharing our exponent love letter:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Idiom Comics are Out of this World!

Last week we jumped on the bandwagon and went to town learning all about idioms.

First, we worked with a partner in the computer lab and got our feet wet exploring the following websites to help us discover what idioms are and become familiar with common idioms we might encounter regularly.

Then we collaborated with a partner to create an idiom comic on Bitstrips, to illustrate the figurative and literal meanings of idioms.

"Go Fly a Kite" by Isaac and Makaiah
"The Big Cheese" by Logan and Chesnee

"Break a Leg" by Mariah and Joey

"Ants in my Pants" by Chase and Bailey

"Cool as a Cucumber" by Tanner and Madison

"Cry Wolf" by Hunter and Delaney

"Copy Cat" by Lexi and Austin

"Piece of Cake" by Courtney and Jacob

"Once in a Blue Moon" by McKenzie and Kenson

"Raining Cats and Dogs" by Coleman and Jaden

If you've enjoyed these comics, that's just the icing on the cake! Click HERE to view other idiom comics former students in Room 121 created--they'll knock your socks off!