Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Idiom Comics are Out of this World!

Last week we jumped on the bandwagon and went to town learning all about idioms.

First, we worked with a partner in the computer lab and got our feet wet exploring the following websites to help us discover what idioms are and become familiar with common idioms we might encounter regularly.

Then we collaborated with a partner to create an idiom comic on Bitstrips, to illustrate the figurative and literal meanings of idioms.

"Go Fly a Kite" by Isaac and Makaiah
"The Big Cheese" by Logan and Chesnee

"Break a Leg" by Mariah and Joey

"Ants in my Pants" by Chase and Bailey

"Cool as a Cucumber" by Tanner and Madison

"Cry Wolf" by Hunter and Delaney

"Copy Cat" by Lexi and Austin

"Piece of Cake" by Courtney and Jacob

"Once in a Blue Moon" by McKenzie and Kenson

"Raining Cats and Dogs" by Coleman and Jaden

If you've enjoyed these comics, that's just the icing on the cake! Click HERE to view other idiom comics former students in Room 121 created--they'll knock your socks off! 


Caitlyn6 said...

Hey Guys!
I was sick so I could not do this but it was cool me and Mariah have to work on ours. However, I am back now and I wish I was there so me and my partner would have got more time.

~Caitlyn in Missouri in Mrs. Allen's Class

Mrs.Allen said...

You'll have time to work on yours and finish it. We need to go over the rubric together anyway since we haven't had a chance to yet (since I was sick and we've been out of school). Hope you had a fun snow day!!

~Mrs.Allen, your 5th grade teacher :)

Mr Moriarty said...

Wow, Room 121!

Your idiom comics made me laugh and made me think. I like how you worked on them together in pairs. Very creative!

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