Monday, January 23, 2012

Prepositional Poems

Lately, we've been learning quite a bit about prepositions by writing our own preposition poems about animals. Check out what we've published so far by clicking the links below, and feel free to add your comments as well:

"Ducks Swim" by Jaclyn 

"Iguanas Climb" by Brock  

"Cheetahs Run" by Kamren 

"Pandas Munch" by Brooke

"Sharks Swim" by Sarah

"Moles Dig" by Jared

"Dogs Catch Red Frisbees" by Shana

"Chameleons Change Colors" by Lydia
"Puffer Fish Swim" by Haley

"Frogs Jump" by John

"Penguins Slide" by Raven

"Lizards Slither" by Alissa

"Bears Growl" by Emma


Mrs. Shepherd said...

Love your studens poems! I saw your post on Twitter and realized I follow your blog.

Mrs.Allen said...

Thank you so much, Erica! They've really enjoyed writing them, illustrating them, and publishing them onto their blogs!

Andrea Reed said...

Just saw your class website and I love it! Im a college junior and my Pedagogical Grammar course is teaching "mini lessons" and I got assigned prepositions. Thanks for posting student examples of a fun activity that students from any age group can use!

Mrs Nick said...

Hi Mrs Allen!

I am a newly qualified teacher in England and I love these poems that your class have written. I am doing something similar for an interview next week and I was just wondering if there was a particular poem these were inspired by that you gave the children as an example?

Mrs.Allen said...


Thank you for the comment! As far as an example poem, I don't have one--except for the one we wrote together as a class, which was about monkeys. I will be posting some of the new prepositional poems my current class created, so stay tuned!

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