Friday, April 26, 2013

Mystery Number Skype by Lexi and Tanner

We are about to Skype with Mr. Jones' class.

We will ask the 1st question. We ask: Is the number a multiple of 3? They said yes!They asked "is the number even"we said no." Then we asked if the number is even. They said no. They asked if our number was prime. We said yes. They asked if our number is greater than 50. Yes it is! (And by the way, our number is 97.) We ask them if our number is less than 30. They said no. They asked if we had a 3 in the one place. We say no. We ask if their # has a 9 in it. They  say no. They ask if our # has a 9 in the ones digit.  we say yes. They ask if there is a 6 in the 10s place. We say no.They ask if our # is 73 We say no. Then they say is your number 97? We say YES!!!!!!!!!! Their # is not 47. Their ones place is higher than 3. Their # is 57!!!!!!!!! That was SO much fun! Bye!!!!!!

In the top middle picture, that's us while we're blogging. In the top left picture, Austin and Isaac are talking with Mr.Jones' class through our TodaysMeet.  Our goal in this Mystery Number Skype was to guess each other's number by asking questions to figure it out. After asking a question and getting our next clue, we worked in our teams to  use that information to narrow the possible numbers down on our number grids.
It was our first name and it was very HARD, but we had a lot of FUN!!!!!!!!

During the Mystery # Skype, we talked with Mr.Jones' class through our Todays Meet.
This is a pic of the screen as we were reading what they wrote and typing back to them.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Types of Triangles Comics

"Types of Triangles" by Mariah

"Triangles" by Chesnee

"Triangles" by Lexi

"3 Types of Triangles" by Isaac
"The Three Types of Triangles" by Anna

"Type of Triangles" by Bailey

"Triangles" by Austin2 and Logan

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mystery Skype with Mr.Hagedorn's Class by McKenzie and Caitlyn

Skype With Mr.Hagedorn's Class!!!!!
 Hi!!!! Umm well I am McKenzie and Caitlyn is helping and we will switch on to the questions. They do not border Canada. They do not live on a coast. They border the Mississippi River.  They are not in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, or Louisiana. Otherwise known as Mr. Mimal.                             

They do  border Kentucky.  They do not border Tennessee. We just found out that they live in Chicago, Illinois. Chesnee has visited there before. This was a fun skype.

Here's how our class looked during the Mystery Skype visit.
Some of us were still finishing up a math project on circles
 (those of us sitting at our desks).

Here's Kenson using the information we learned from the clues to
try and narrow down the results.

Mariah and Chesnee wait for them to ask us another question.

Hailey asked them, "Does your state border the Mississippi River?"
And the answer was YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Bailey and Chase wrote down clues, so we could keep track
of all the information about their state.

*Toward the end of the Mystery Skype when they guessed our location!

*We were incredibly excited when we guessed their location, too... in Chicago, Illinois!!

Here's their amazing blog and a link to it:

Except for the two pictures with an asterisk, all pictures were taken by Jaden! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Highlights Of The Day #11 By Caitlyn

Well, we haven't done alot of these in the past two weeks but I am going to try to fill you in about our two weeks. Well, we had Spirit Week and alot of things happened like Crazy Hair Day and Pajama Day.
Then, we started Tech Club and we are making blogs along with starting our Lip Dub of the Parts Of Speech Rap ( Stay tuned to see it on vidieo!). We also went to the garden on last Thursday. We started our Rube Goldberg Invention (we are designing them and we will also have the vidieos for that!). We have made our designs and we are having Science for TWO WHOLE HOURS  just to design them and start working on them.We were also under water archeoligists and are learnig about the explorers.Here is a picture of a sunken ship along with other things.
Here is Madison watering cabbage. 

Here I am (in the sparkly skirt) along with some of my other classmates planting and watering  lettuce.
Here is a picture from our social studies books of the underwater archeoligists and a ship from  long ago.

This post question: What big projects do you do in class??? Comment on your answer.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rube Goldberg machines

Today we have been working on our Rube Goldberg Machines. It is so much fun! A couple groups are already done. The rest of us are super close. We have worked so hard yesterday and today.Hopefully after many tests everyone will be done!


Hunter and Joey, 2 Men and a Truck. :)
                                         Chesnee, Makaiah, and  McKenzie seem busy...
                                          we should leave them alone.
                                                    Anna,Delaney,Caitlyn, and Hailey are feeding
                                                   Lightning. Hopefully he won't get too much food
                                                  from all those tests! :)
                                        Me(Lexi), Courtney, and Mariah are getting
                                        ready to test our machine out! We are opening
                                        a cabinet.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Simple Machine Gallery Walk-- video by Caitlyn

To help us as we're learning more about simple machines like how they help make work easier and some common household examples of them, we divided ourselves into six groups and became "experts" on one simple machine. Then individually we used various websites and our textbook to learn more about our machine, and then we came together to collaborate with our group on our informational banner about our machine.

Afterward, each group decided where to hang their banner in the room, and we did a gallery walk using the banners our classmates created to learn about the six simple machines we are focusing on: the wedge, inclined plane, wheel and axle, screw, pulley, and lever.

Spirit Week

To help get everyone excited about our PTA Fun Night this Friday, all week long we are celebrating Spirit Week!

Yesterday was Hat Day, and today was Crazy Hair Day!

Here's a picture of some of us showing off our crazy hair on Tuesday!