Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Highlights Of The Day #11 By Caitlyn

Well, we haven't done alot of these in the past two weeks but I am going to try to fill you in about our two weeks. Well, we had Spirit Week and alot of things happened like Crazy Hair Day and Pajama Day.
Then, we started Tech Club and we are making blogs along with starting our Lip Dub of the Parts Of Speech Rap ( Stay tuned to see it on vidieo!). We also went to the garden on last Thursday. We started our Rube Goldberg Invention (we are designing them and we will also have the vidieos for that!). We have made our designs and we are having Science for TWO WHOLE HOURS  just to design them and start working on them.We were also under water archeoligists and are learnig about the explorers.Here is a picture of a sunken ship along with other things.
Here is Madison watering cabbage. 

Here I am (in the sparkly skirt) along with some of my other classmates planting and watering  lettuce.
Here is a picture from our social studies books of the underwater archeoligists and a ship from  long ago.

This post question: What big projects do you do in class??? Comment on your answer.


Anonymous said...

What a neat school greenhouse! Your class is lucky to be able to work in the school garden. Do you like it? What does the school do with the produce?

Anonymous said...

Its your pen pal here Anna.
What a cool class you have going out side and going in your school garden.

Mrs.Allen said...

Hey Emma,
It's Anna.Thanks:).We go out to the greenhouse atleast once a month.
~ Anna

Anonymous said...

Hi Blue Jays. This is Mrs. Thielen and I am a teacher in Kansas. I follow your blog because my niece, McKenzie, is in your class. I enjoy seeing all the great things you are learning in the 5th grade. McKenzie shared her part of the "Parts of Speech Rap" you have been working on. I hope you post a video.

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