Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rube Goldberg machines

Today we have been working on our Rube Goldberg Machines. It is so much fun! A couple groups are already done. The rest of us are super close. We have worked so hard yesterday and today.Hopefully after many tests everyone will be done!


Hunter and Joey, 2 Men and a Truck. :)
                                         Chesnee, Makaiah, and  McKenzie seem busy...
                                          we should leave them alone.
                                                    Anna,Delaney,Caitlyn, and Hailey are feeding
                                                   Lightning. Hopefully he won't get too much food
                                                  from all those tests! :)
                                        Me(Lexi), Courtney, and Mariah are getting
                                        ready to test our machine out! We are opening
                                        a cabinet.

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