Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gardening ~ by Bailey 1 and Zach

 On Thursday, September 19, we went to the greenhouse and Farmer Curtis taught us about the Autunm Equionox. That is where there are 12 hours of day and night. We got to sample some sweet apples. It was hot,fun,and a little hard.

I am picking weeds for garden granny~Benji
I am pulling out the biggest weed. ~ Madeline

I was pulling out weeds.~Stacy

I was on my way to water the tomatos. ~Milo

We were waterig the cherry tomatos. ~Whitney

I am helping pull out weeds. ~ Tyler

I was holding beat seeds.~ Summer

Me and Madeline were holding the largest roots.~ Bailey

                                                     I was trying to pull out the largest weeds.~ Benji
I was helping granny help find weeds.~ Coleton

Watering was a lot of fun! ~ Bailey

We were holding handfuls of weeds.~ Stacy and Benji

                                            Watering the tomatoes was a lot of fun. ~ Alex and Milo