Monday, March 25, 2013

Highlights Of The Day #9 By Caitlyn and Jaden

Today we did Ed Head. It is in our Science and Social Studies Links. We had a sheet where we wrote the simple machine, what it does etc.

P.S. This one was done at the last minute so it was short. SORRY! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Highlights of The Day by: Caitlyn

You might be able to tell in this picture that some of us are in the middle
of catching a snowball and some of us are writing down some linking verbs.

Today we had an  indoor snowball fight. It snowed outside but, we can't go outside when it is snowy. :( So we wadded a peice of paper with a linking verb and we wrote our name on it and threw it. We kept trading them by throwing them. It was fun.

 Practicing linking verbs was pretty wild today!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Highlights Of The Day #7 By Caitlyn and Jaden

 Today we had fun.  We went outside to do a lab. What we did is we went to the playground and did experiments with work. On the first one Joey pushed Delaney down the slide so Joey did work because he exerted a force on Delaney and it made her move the distance of the slide. On the second one Makaiah pushed Logan on the swing and Makaiah did work by exerting a force from Logan and it made him move from one spot to the other so both of these experiments are very similar . We are in the progress of writing to our New Zealand and we loved your letters a big thanks to Mr.Moriarty's class!! We hope every ones day went well comments are appreciated thanks bye!:)

Angry Verbs -- updated!

Last March, in Room 121, we created Angry Verbs using Angry Bird characters to review verbs: we wrote sentences on them and underlined the verb in each of our sentences. (Check out the post HERE.)

This year, however, in Room 121, we came up with an updated version of Angry Verbs.... and we took it a step further.

First, a few students stayed after school on Wednesday to design and create an elaborate background for our door. Jacob took over the grass and helped create realistic patches here and there; he also helped tape and arrange everything. Anna decorated the "Angry Verbs" sign, and she helped tape and arrange the foundation for the sky and grass. Also, a student in the other 5th grade class, graciously offered to help as well: his main contribution was the idea for clouds--how and where to arrange them--and he was tremendously helpful in collaborating with the others on how to arrange everything on the door.

McKenzie thought of recreating a scene from the actual Angry Birds game by designing and positioning the sling shot and tower.

 She also created the sun and came up with the ideas of speech bubbles as well for the sun, bird, and pig.

For the actual Angry Verbs, each student in Room 121, chose a strong verb to use in a sentence; then he/she underlined the strong verb.  To read more about where this original idea came from, CLICK HERE.

Check out some of this year's examples of Angry Verbs:

Afterwards, during Daily 5, we took turns examining the door, so we could choose at least 7 verbs from the Angry Verbs to use in a short, creative paragraph.

Check out some of the creative writing we came up with using our Angry Verbs!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Highlights Of The Day #6 By Caitlyn and Jaden

Here is a picture of when all of us got our
 pen pal letters!!
Well we just had spring break and I think for most of us it was fun hopefully and I hope you had fun too if you want to comment and tell what you did and sorry this may be short. And today we had a lab to test friction! YAY!! Ok we also got our pen-pal letters. I ( Caitlyn)  want to give a shout out to BOTH of my pen pals ( Canada and New Zealand). Here is Caitlyn's : Hey Sydney and Hemani I got your letters and I look forward to skyping with you. Here is Jadens to his Canada and New Zealand pen- pals: Hey Omar and Elijah I got both of your letters and I allready mailed yours Omar and Eligha I'm in the prosess of making yours. I hope every ones day went well and we appriceate comments thanks bye!:)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Highlights Of The Day #5 By Caitlyn

Today it is just me and Jacob because Jaden had something to do. Today we did our Angry Verbs. My sentence was: Ogie Boy dog paddled in the bathtub. Jacob's was: The phantom howled in the night. We will soon have a post about them. What we did is we came up with a sentence with a strong verb in it. So if our teacher did it she would go pick a paper with an Angry Bird. Below that she would put her sentence. Then she would put her sentence on the bird and she would color it. It was a fun project.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Important Class Letter (about Storybirds)

Dear Class,

I just created Storybird accounts for each of you on  During 4th quarter, one of our exciting projects I have planned will be collaborating with other students to write Storybirds together. However, if you would like to explore a little bit on your own while you're relaxing over spring break, feel free to create your own Storybird at home.

Here's a Storybird I wrote today, so you can get an idea of what they're like. You can also CLICK HERE to go to the direct link this Storybird on

Here's how to access your account information if you'd like to begin early on writing your own Storybird:

  1. Go to
  2. In the upper right hand box, type in your username.
    • Your username is your class number, first name (capitalized), and then 121. 
    • Example: 26Torre121, 13Natalie121 (If Torre or Natalie were still in our class... by the way, Natalie or Torre, if you read this and would like me to create an account for you, just comment on this post and I will. :) ) 
  3. Your password is your lunch number.
  4. Then click "Sign in" and begin exploring the site.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring break!! If you'd like to share what you've been doing, feel free to add it to our "Spring Break Wall" in the post below. 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Highlights of The Day #3 & 4 by Caitlyn, Jaden andJacob

 Today is March 7th 2013 but we  are doing one for the sixth and the seventh today  ( This may happen) . Anyway on the sixth we Skyped with the authors Nikki Loftin and Greg Fishbone. We want their books!! :)

The weather by Jacob 

 The temperature is 36 degrees Fahrenheit, clear skies, and no wind.

This is Nikki Loftin. She wrote The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy.

 Today is March 7th, 2013 we had spring pictures and here is a picture! Sorry we didn't have time to write a long highlight bye have a good Spring Break!!!!

Here's our class getting situated for our offical group picture this morning!  ~Mrs.Allen

The weather by Jacob  

The temperature is 57 degrees Fahrenheit, clear skies, sunny, and no severe weather or rain.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Author Skype With Author Nikki Loftin (Post By Austin and Caitlyn)

We are Skyping with Nikki Loftin!~Jaden

                        We are about to start the Skype at 9:30 A.M. on Wednsday  March 6, 2013 

We will be skyping with Nikki Loftin author of   The Sinister Sweetness of Splended Academy .

Nikki,  if you are reading this

What has been going on during the skype: Well right now she is telling us about her new book. Now she is reading it aloud. WE WANT HER BOOK! Just about everyone is mesmarized by her book.

This is Nikkis new book!!!-Austin

About author: She would write alot of books and she said that she writes all the time.

She is writeing  another book.She used a bully she knew as a character in the book.She was the messy girl in the world.Her desk was the messyest desk and they (her parents) made a appontment for Sturday with the teacher to clean her desk.

Questions we asked-

1.Do you have a new book coming out soon - Hailey
2.If you could write another book what would it be- Tanner
3.If you didnt write a book what would you do-Chase
4.What grades have you taught? ~Caitlyn


This is when she was telling us about her
 self and about her book.~Jaden

The class is aking qustions.~Austin

This is McKenzie helping someone
Tweet on our class Twitter.~Jaden

This is Isaac. He is taking notes.~Austin

This is Lexi taking video during the

Coleman is at is desk and taking notes.~Austin

Delaney just finished taking notes.~Anna&Madison

This is Nikki saying goodbye!~Jaden

Check out our tweets during our Skype visit

  1. Mar 6Nikki Loftin ‏@nikkiloftin
    Wow, @room121, you are all AWESOME! Thanks for letting me read to you today! #WRAD2013
  2. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin If you weren't a writer what would you be? ~ Madison#wrad2013
  3. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin Do you like myths(Greek,Roman,American etc.)?~Tanner#wrad2013
  4. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin This is a picture of Nikki telling us a obliterated her.~Austin#wrad2013
  5. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin Do you think you are going to make a seires to go along with The Sinister Sweetness of Splended Acadamey? ~ Jaden#wrad2013
  6. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin What are all your books? ~ McKenzie @wrad2013
  7. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin This is Nikki Skyping with us :-) . Really fun!!!! ~Makaiah#wrad2013
  8. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin When did your book get published? ~Austin #wrad2013
  9. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin What is your favorite book in the world? ~Courtney#wrad2013
  10. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin We just now started the skype, and she is reading some of her book.~ Isaac #wrad2013
  11. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin We are having one of the best Skypes ever!#wrad2013~Bailey
  12. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    @nikkiloftin Right now we are listening to her favorite part in the book. ~ McKenzie #wrad2013
  13. Mar 6Room 121 ‏@room121
    We are looking forward to Skyping with authors @nikkiloftin & @tem2tomorrow in honor of World Read Aloud Day!! #wrad2013


This entire blog post was written by Austin2 and Caitlyn.

Captions were written by Jaden, Austin, Anna, and Madison.

All pictures on this post were taken by Mariah, Kenson, Hailey, Anna, and Logan.

Pictures we tweeted (including the first picture) were taken by Bailey and Makaiah

All video footage was taken by Lexi and Jacob.
 (Stay tuned for the video, which will be uploaded sometime during the next week!)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Highlights of The Day #2 by Jaden, Caitlyn and Jacob

Today we got our pen- pal letters!Caitlyn's pen pal is Sydney, Jaden's is Omar and Jacob's is Mahjoub.
This is a daily quote today's quote is Chesnee's " It was very ecxiting to finally get/read them." They live in Canada and we live in Missouri.What we had to write for the pen pal letters is pretty much just about us, about our state,country,city and school. and five questions to ask about them. We love our pen pal letters!

And we also did a lab type thing, we went out side and crumbled one peice of paper and left one flat and we droped both of them at the same height to see how air resistance worked.And now that the Sony Bloggie is found, we can take a lot more pictures of the work we do in Room 121!

(From left to right) Austin, Logan, Mariah, Makiah, Lexi, Anna  and   Mckenzie

The Weather by Jacob 

The temperture is 36 degrees fahrenheit and partly cloudy. No severe weather or rain.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Highlights of The Day #1 By: Caitlyn, Jaden & Jacob

Today is  Monday March 4th, 2013.We are starting  posts about the highlight of our day.We will have one post almost every day.Most of them will include the weather by Jacob, the highlight of the day by Caitlyn and Jaden, A picture of the highlight also by Caitlyn and Jaden and other small yet exciting things about our day.We will keep you updated about the things that are happening in Room 121! 

One of the highlights of our day today we did the spring scale lab, it was really fun. And we are going to open our penpal letters later today. 

Some other newsmakers are when Mrs. Allen's husband Josh found the Sony Bloggie in his car over the weekend. It was gone for nearly four months. Mrs. Allen thinks it disappeared when she decided to take her husband's car to work one time in December and it fell out of her bag and slid way down underneath the passenger seat. 

We also learned about how to add integers. For example (-8) + (-3) = (-11).

 This is us doing the lab. 

We were investagating what happened to a block when forces acted on it. For example: On the left 2 newtons were applied and on the right 5 newtons were applied. After that we would see what direction the block went to.  It went to the right because there was more force on the right.

Today's Weather by Jacob:

The weather is normal. No severe weather or rain. The temperture is 52 degrees fahrenhiet. It's partly breezy  and the skies are partly cloudy.