Monday, March 4, 2013

Highlights of The Day #1 By: Caitlyn, Jaden & Jacob

Today is  Monday March 4th, 2013.We are starting  posts about the highlight of our day.We will have one post almost every day.Most of them will include the weather by Jacob, the highlight of the day by Caitlyn and Jaden, A picture of the highlight also by Caitlyn and Jaden and other small yet exciting things about our day.We will keep you updated about the things that are happening in Room 121! 

One of the highlights of our day today we did the spring scale lab, it was really fun. And we are going to open our penpal letters later today. 

Some other newsmakers are when Mrs. Allen's husband Josh found the Sony Bloggie in his car over the weekend. It was gone for nearly four months. Mrs. Allen thinks it disappeared when she decided to take her husband's car to work one time in December and it fell out of her bag and slid way down underneath the passenger seat. 

We also learned about how to add integers. For example (-8) + (-3) = (-11).

 This is us doing the lab. 

We were investagating what happened to a block when forces acted on it. For example: On the left 2 newtons were applied and on the right 5 newtons were applied. After that we would see what direction the block went to.  It went to the right because there was more force on the right.

Today's Weather by Jacob:

The weather is normal. No severe weather or rain. The temperture is 52 degrees fahrenhiet. It's partly breezy  and the skies are partly cloudy.

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