Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Highlights Of The Day #6 By Caitlyn and Jaden

Here is a picture of when all of us got our
 pen pal letters!!
Well we just had spring break and I think for most of us it was fun hopefully and I hope you had fun too if you want to comment and tell what you did and sorry this may be short. And today we had a lab to test friction! YAY!! Ok we also got our pen-pal letters. I ( Caitlyn)  want to give a shout out to BOTH of my pen pals ( Canada and New Zealand). Here is Caitlyn's : Hey Sydney and Hemani I got your letters and I look forward to skyping with you. Here is Jadens to his Canada and New Zealand pen- pals: Hey Omar and Elijah I got both of your letters and I allready mailed yours Omar and Eligha I'm in the prosess of making yours. I hope every ones day went well and we appriceate comments thanks bye!:)


Anonymous said...

Awesome I can,t wait till they get our second letter. Your last letter were awesome guys.

Well Done.

From Olivia Parkvale School Your Pen Pal.

Mrs.Allen said...

Hey OliviaC,
Thank you we loved your letters to. How is it in New Zeland? Here in the U.S.A it has been warm and some days rainy. We have a question for you here in U.S.A we have never played netball. We would love to know how you play and what equitment you use to play netball.

~ Chesnee and McKenzie from Mrs.Allens class

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