Friday, January 25, 2013

The Nature Center Field Trip By Jaden

On Januaury 25th, 2013 we took a trip to the nature center!And we got to learn alot about eagles and we also got to see two of them, a bald eagle and a golden eagle, the golden eagle is brown all over with a more golden head and the bald eagle is brown every where but it's head is white and thats what makes it look bald.We also got to go to a lake where we got to see real wildlife.

Austin ,Kenson, Joey, and Hunter were playing a hunting game
 at the Nature Center. ~Jaden

The snake looked  real when I saw it scared me! ~Madison

Aquila is one of the few Golden Eagles left in the
 United States of America~Chesnee

This is the trip to the nature center, it was
really fun! ~Jaden

We were on the way to the Nature Center and Mrs.Allen took a picuture
 of Delenaey ,Jacob ,and me (Mariah)and some-what of McKenize~Mariah

  Austin is looking through the scope.~Isaac


Natalie said...

cool guys! Wish I was there! Hope you had fun!! :)

Jaden from Room 121 said...

We all really miss you and hope you are having fun at your new school and we hope to see you soon! ~Jaden

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