Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting the New Year on the "Right" Foot!

To start the year off on the "right" foot, we did a focus free-write on our plans for this new year: what we planned to keep doing, what we planned to stop doing, and/or what we planned to begin doing. Then we traced our right foot, chose our top three (or more) goals, and wrote them on our foot.  I (Mrs.Allen) saw the original idea HERE and revised it to work for us.

The sign and feet on the door were arranged by Jaden, Courtney, and Lexi, and the sign was created entirely by Lexi. 

This year,

  • I plan to start the weather chamber, keep doing my phone collection, and make a building. ~Isaac
  • I plan to stop biting my nails, try to get A+s on my work, stretch every day for cheerleading, read at least 60 books this year, come to school every day, bring a water bottle to school, and ride my horse every week. ~Chesnee
  • I plan to watch the whole season of X-Factor, watch more videos of Beatrice Miller, and buy a golfish. :) ~Lexi
  • I plan to sleep more, lie less, and lift more weights. ~Tanner
  • I plan to learn how to survive in the wilderness, get better at video games, watch more basketball and football, and stop bugging my sis. ~Kenson
  • I plan to stop biting my nails, stop twirling my hair, and focus on becoming a cheerleader. ~Mariah
  • I plan to run a mile a day for a week and play Wii once this year. ~Coleman
  • I plan to eat healthy, log on to Tenmarks at least 3x a week at home, exercise a lot, go to school every day if possible, long on to NoRedInk at least 2x a week at home, and not to stay up past 10:30.  ~Jaden
  • I plan to get all As the rest of the year, keep my room clean, and not be so lazy. ~Bailey
  • I plan to stop picking skin, watch new Disney channels, stop fighting with my brother, keep drinking, keep eating, keep reading, stay warm, play PS3, play sports, and play with friends. ~Chase
  • I plan to stop biting my nails, try to make my bed every morning, and keep playing football. ~Logan
  • I plan to blog or write every day, learn how to crochet, keep flossing my teeth every day. ~Mrs.Allen
  • I plan to help classmates get quiet when it's quiet time, help classmates get back on track, make new friends, read more, and learn more. ~Delaney
  • I plan to do better at basketball, to have more fun with Gunner, and to stop letting my cat outside. ~Jacob
  • I plan to read one hour every day, get sticky notes to help me remember stuff, and stick to the Golden Rule! ~McKenzie
  • I plan to have more sleepovers, more par-tays, lose weight, gain happiness, cal my friends more often, play more video games, and play more Minecraft. ~Anna
  • I plan to make 10 or more Popsicle boxes and sell them, read more, be more active, run a 1/2 marathon, and go outside more. ~Madison
  • I plan to stop biting my nails, go to Arkansas, hula hoop, and make new friends. ~Courtney


Mrs. Steven said...

Hi! I love the plans all of you have for the new year. I'm going to direct my 5th grade students to your blog and see if they have similar plans! I noticed you recently had an auction. That is something we do as well. I pay my students "froggy bucks" for their classroom jobs. This month we will have our first Flea Market (only done in January and May). Otherwise we have an auction once a month. I will be adding your blog to our Blog Roll so my students can visit your page often. Please check out our blog page as well!
Again, love your blog!

Jaden from Room 121 said...

Thank you so much for the comment! I'm pretty sure Mrs.Allen either saw it some where or she thought of it, but either way it was really fun tracing our feet! We have a auction every month and we always pay with our fake checks. We also pay rent to our teacher Mrs.Allen for our desks and some of us bought our own desk.

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