Monday, December 31, 2012

Mars Curiosity Virtual Field Trip

On December 12, we ate lunch in the classroom together and experienced our first live virtual field trip at NASA's headquarters in Washington D.C. through Discovery Education's live event called ", Journey to the Extreme." During the event, NASA scientists shared their latest discoveries of Mars and Mars Rover Curiosity, and we were able to enjoy our lunch while taking notes, taking pictures, and tweeting about our learning. 

To view the videos we experienced live, click HERE.

Check out some of the tweets we shared with our followers during the event, in ascending order (first ones we tweeted are last). 

On the Curiosity the tire has Morse code -Isaac 
Mars has Mars quakes it's not caused by tectonic plates it's caused by asteroids. ~ Madison
 I think so to, it is really interesting.~Delaney
I learned all the rocks on Mars are the same kind of rocks here &Mars is the color red because it has lots of iron in it. ~Delaney 
We are live with Mars Curiosity VIrtual field trip and they are telling us info about Mars it is awesome:-) -Mariah 
 Through live streaming on Discovery Education where NASA scientists are sharing about Mars Curiosity 
 We are still waching the video and it explained how Curiosity landed!!~Jaden
 Mars is colored by rusted iron!
I learned that five to six thousand people worked on the rover and Mars had water but is dry now _Caitlyn 
The new rover, Curiosity, is planned to be on Mars for 2 years! ~Lexi
Well what I learned is that theres a rover called IOpportunity. ~Austin
 we are sitting in the class room and are watching a live video about Curiosity.~Bailey  

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