Tuesday, August 2, 2011

23 days left!

I've spent all day yesterday and today working on the classroom, and I can't believe there are only 23 days left until the first day of school! While it's been a wonderful summer so far,  I'm really looking forward to the new school year!

Here are a few new pictures of our classroom, which is slowly--but surely--transforming into an incredible learning place for all the upcoming 5th graders in Room 121. Enjoy!

Our school theme this year is "Futures Under Construction," 
so I created this bulletin board to display right outside our classroom

 Reading Space #1: a moon chair, a camping chair, two large pillows, a tiger, a beach chair, and a mini crate seat

Reading Space #2: a moon chair, a crate seat, 
a body pillow seat, and a mini crate seat

Reading Space #3: a crate seat, a giant sea turtle, 
a lounge pillow, and a beach chair   

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Unknown said...

I love your Caution: Brains At Work board! I teach Grade 5 at a school in Toronto that is undergoing a major construction project so I'd love to borrow your creativity and do something similar... but I'm wondering, how did you 'do' the brains/with students' names?

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