Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prime and Composite Numbers

Today we learned numbers can be classified as either prime or composite. The following skit is our first attempt at making a math video, so keep that in mind as you learn a little bit about prime and composite numbers!(By the way, it might be helpful to know that the students performing are pretending to be in P.E. during their skit.)


Mrs. Bright said...

Dear Room 121,

I enjoyed your math movie! My 5th graders have also been working on prime and composite numbers. A tricky composite number for my class is 9. Sometimes they think it's a prime number. Why do you think they mistake it for a prime number?

I am excited to show your video to my class!

Mrs. Bright

Lu Bodeman said...

Nice!!! And it looks like they had so much fun.
We try so hard to find ways to assess when it's so simple, and meaningful. Loved it. Congrats, and greetings from Brazil! :)

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