Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our 1st Storybirds

In our latest writing project, we used Storybird to write short stories and incorporated at least some alliteration at some point in the story. Originally, this project was intended to be a short, 3-5 page story, but it quickly evolved into something far more involved.

Feel free to read, share, and enjoy our original stories written by us, the writers of Room 121.

The Curse on Storybird

Long Nose on Storybird

The Things That Held Me Back. on Storybird

Zeus Protector of Albion on Storybird

The Singer on Storybird

The One and Only Doug the Inventor on Storybird

Jake and Magic! on Storybird

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover. on Storybird

It All Came Out To Be on Storybird

The Adventures of Joe and Leopard. on Storybird

Jumpy's Big Birthday Bash! on Storybird

A Blob Named Bob on Storybird

The Mean Cheetah on Storybird

Super Pumpkin on Storybird

''Uh Oh!'' on Storybird


Mrs Todd said...

Hi everyone,
I enjoyed reading some of your Storybird stories. You have written them really well, with lots of thought and creativity.
In the class that I teach, we love creating stories with Storybird too, which is why I wanted to have a look at your stories. Its always really interesting seeing what others have written about.
What are some other ways that you will use storybird? Keep up the great writing!
From Mrs Todd

rmannell said...

Hello Room 121,

Your Storybird stories are absolutely brilliant. From the titles to the text, I can see how creative you all are. What also impresses me is the excellent use of conversation in the stories. :)

Teacher, NSW, Australia

Mrs.Allen said...

Thanks alot for the cmment Mrs.Tod! Right now I don't know what we will use storybird for! :)Jaclyn

Mrs.Allen said...

Thank you very much for the comment! I sure hope you like the rest of the blog! What was your favorite story? :D ~Jaclyn

Mrs.Allen said...

I know lots of the others in my class enjoy writing on Storybird. I like to write on it because I write lots of stories in my jernoul and puting them on the internet is fun,because that way others and people I don't know can see my stories.


Mr Moriarty said...

Awesome Storybird stories, Room 121!

Your stories flow with well-constructed sentences and have a clear beginning, middle and end.

We have been reading Storybirds before the holidays and soon we will have a go at creating our own. How difficult have you found it to create your stories with perfect matching images?

Mr M

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