Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Classroom Scavenger Hunt

With all the beginning-of-the-year tasks and extensive practicing (for procedures, routines, and drills) we have had to do, we finally were able to begin our classroom scavenger hunt today! The main purpose of our classroom scavenger hunt is to practice working collaboratively with a fellow classmate on the challenge of discovering as many things as possible together around our room. Although, the scavenger hunt also helps everyone get more familiar with where things are located around the classroom, of course.

Check out some of the pictures below to see some of us during the scavenger hunt this morning:


Anonymous said...

Wow Room 121! Your scavenger Hunt looked so AWESOME! My name is Katherine from New Zealand. I am one of your student's pen pal. Madison. Can't wait to start writing to you guys! Hear from you soon! :c) Luv Kazzie!

Hannah said...

Wow Pen Pals.
It looks like you guys had loads of fun.
I can't wait to be writing to each other.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 121.
I am Parris from New Zeeland Parkvale School I am from Room 20 and I am a pen pal with Natalie.
It looks like you guys had a lot of fun doing this scavenger hunt.
From Parris : )

Anonymous said...

Wow all of you did a great god on this its really cool I love it From Jacob

Anonymous said...

Awesome Room 121!
My name is Kharn Andersen and I am from room 20 in New Zealand.
The Scavenger Hunt sounds fun!
I was away last week so I don't know who my Pen Pal is so it will be great if you could tell me.
Thanks Kharn.

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