Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Matter Molecules... and Slime!

Lately we've been learning a lot about matter in science. To help us understand the different states of matter, we transformed ourselves into solid, liquid, and gas molecules and worked as a class to "become" these different states of matter.

Here we are as a bunch of solid molecules, packed together tightly
that we kept our shape as one class solid!

When we morphed into liquid molecules, we broke apart,
stayed somewhat near each other, and occasionally bumped into each other.

As gas molecules, we moved about very freely apart from one another
 and rarely ever bumped into each other.

Later in the week, we created slime to help us understand the different properties of a solid and a liquid. Since slime is a special type of matter (a polymer) it has qualities of both a solid and a liquid. For example, you can hold it in your hand like a solid or it can take the shape of a container (a baggie) like a liquid.

Huge thank to @ScienceBob for the slime recipe we used, which can be found HERE.

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