Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kindergarten Buddies

Today was our first day working with Mrs.Johnson's kindergarten class. Those of us not in orchestra, will be partnering up with her students once a week to help them read, work on writing, and sometimes even learn a little bit about math or science. 

Check out the pictures below of some of us reading with our kindergarten buddies:


Anonymous said...

Great room121!
You guys looked like you were having lots of fun with the little kids:)
I hope that they went away with a whole lot of knowledge packed up in their minds:)
What was your favourite part about having little buddies?

Anonymous said...

Wow 121! I love how you teach younger kids how to read, write, how to do maths and science. At my school Parkvale. The year five and six students read to are year four students to help for next year.

Anonymous said...

Great room121.
It looks like you all had loads of fun with all those little kids.
You all look so cute with the little ones.
Keep up the GREAT work.

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