Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our First Day at the Greenhouse with Farmer Curtis

Throughout the year, we will have many opportunities to learn from Farmer Curtis in our school's very own greenhouse. Today we discussed expectations, learned the names of common tools we'll use (and how to use them), and worked inside and outside of the greenhouse doing various jobs such as weeding, watering, and moving cinder blocks. When we were done, we even had a chance to taste some delicious golden cherry tomatoes, which Farmer Curtis referred to as the "vegetable candy" because of how sweet they taste. 

*Farmer Curtis leads a discussion with our class on what's expected
 from us as we work and learn in the greenhouse as well as what
we can expect from him throughout the year. 

*Natalie demonstrates how to use a hoe. She said, "You use it to make trenches." 

*Hailey gets ready to show the class how to use a shovel.
"It was really hard!" she said.
*Austin3 uses a four-tine cultivator and shows
 the class how to use it appropriately.
*Makaiah show the class how to use a garden rake.
"It was really easy to use," she commented afterward. 
*Bailey demonstrates how to use a spade fork. "The ground wasn't wet,
so it was really hard to push the spade fork in the ground," she said.

*While we have a ways to go with weeding,
we got a lot accomplished today--it was hard work!
"It was hard to weed because there was a lot,
and they were really down in the ground," said Natalie.
*In the middle of weeding, Jacob discovered a wolf spider!
"While I was watering the plants, I found this giant wolf
spider carrying her young," Jacob remarked.

*Hailey, Chesnee, Courtney,
and Lexi cultivate the outside beds.
 "The cultivator was really hard to use," Lexi admitted.

Kenson and Chase work together to move cinder blocks. 
Right before we left, Farmer Curtis encouraged us to try some
sweet golden cherry tomatoes, which he described as "vegetable candy." 
Anna shows us a golden cherry tomato she picked.

*We used these pictures to practice writing captions together as a class. The last three pictures were added after class, so I (Mrs.Allen) wrote those captions.


Anonymous said...

Hi room 121, I am Felicity from NZ.
I am apart of your pen pal class.
I really liked this post, it sounds like you all had some great fun.
Chat soon!
From Felicity!

Anonymous said...

Great room 121 :)
That looks alot of fun was it sunny the hole
day i hope it was?

Anonymous said...

Hi room 121, it is Hannah from NZ and my class is your pen pals.
It is great to see the photos of you all, it looks like you all had a AWESOME time.
Keep up the GREAT work.

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