Sunday, November 4, 2012

Comics: Importance of Voting

Due to the upcoming presidential election, lately in Social Studies we have been learning about why it's important to vote and how everybody's vote can make a difference. To help show what we've learned, we collaborated with a partner to create a comic on the importance of voting. Some of us even included information about the voter requirements in the United States.

"Reasons to Vote" by Kenson and Anna
"The Big Vote" by Natalie and Joey
"Why to Vote" by Jaden and Delaney
"The Importance of Voting" by Torre and Coleman

"The Big Vote" by Natalie and Joey

"Why It's Important to Vote" by Makaiah and Hunter

"Why You Should Vote" by Mariah and Isaac

"Why Voting is Important" by Austin3 and Chesnee
"Why People Vote" by Jacob and Bailey

"Why You Need to Vote" by Tanner and Madison

"Voting Reasons" by Austin2 and Caitlyn

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mrdglhs said...

Great job on the cartoons gang. I hope you encourage all of your friends and relatives who are old enough to be sure and vote Tuesday. I will share these with some of my high school kids who are 18 and remind them to vote!

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