Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Field Trip to the Art Museum

On October 31, we went to the Springfield Art Museum and we observed prints, paintings and we also saw sclptures.Our docents taught us the elements of art line, shape, size/spaceing, texture and emotion.We divided our class in to two parts and our docents led us through most of the Art Museum and it was very exiting!

Summary by Jaden

"We took a field trip today to the art museum and we looked at a lot of different kinds of art." ~Kenson

"That sculpture was named 'Stacked' and we tried to guess what it was.
I said it was a stack of books. The artist was Ida Kohlmeyer." ~Natalie

"I loved this piece because it had bright colors and it looked happy." ~Madison

"I was in this group, and the print was named 'Out of the Running' by Frank Beady.
Our docent said it is abstract because of the colors that he used." ~Chesnee

"The horse was kind of coppery, and it was abstract because the grass isn't usually that dark." ~McKenzie

"Here we're looking at an untitled picture, but they called it 'Bronco.'
It was done with ink and brown paper. It was by Olaf Wighorst." ~Bailey

"This one's called 'Circling Sprague Lake' by Rob Erdle. I really liked this painting
because it had lots of color in it." ~Makaiah

"I liked this painting because it's like a reflection of colors and mountains." ~Torre

"I like this picture because it has a lot of color and shapes and texture.
It looks like it's out of nature." ~Austin#3

"This sculpture looked like it was really rough, and it was called 'Heavenly Burden' by John Cavenaugh
 with Mary pregnant with Jesus on a donkey." ~Caitlyn

"I liked the 'Heavenly Burden' because it was really old and really pretty." ~Lexi

"I liked how the artist used lead to create his sculpture.
Our docent said it was easy to sculpt becauselead is soft." ~Natalie

"This is a print of a horse. It was abstract because the veins on it were popping out on it like the horse had gone through a lot of stress. The name of it is 'Edge Event #3' by Joseph Piccillo." ~McKenzie

"I think it looks intense like it's getting ready to charge at someone." ~Kenson

"We were looking at this self-portrait of John Cavanaugh. It looked really detailed. He used oil." ~Jaden



Anonymous said...

Wow, all that art work looks amazing.
You all look as if you all enjoyed it.
Well done:)

Anonymous said...

Awesome room 121.
It looks like you had an
exciting time at the art museum.

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