Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our 1st Pen Pal Letters!

Today we got our first letters from our pen pals in Mr.Moriarty's class in New Zealand. We were so excited that we immediately began writing back after we read their letters!


Felicity said...

Wow it is amazing to finally see that you have got our letters!
Caitlyn I now know what you look like, it is great to see that you are all enjoying reading them.
Please visit my log at:

Amy said...

Hi room 121. I hope you like are letters we have sent. We can't wait to get your letters.

Jacob said...

hi its Jacob from room 20 did you like are letters

Parris said...

Wow you guys got our letters. I couldn't wait for you guys to get them. I hope you like them.

Hannah said...

Wow room 121!
It looks like you all really enjoyed our letters.
What do you think of them.
I can't wait to see all the letters that you send back.
Keep up the GREAT work:)
From Hannah in NZ

Alexandra said...

Awesome 121.
I hope you like our letters to you.

Natalie said...

Hi Felicity,

When we first got our letters, we had no idea what it was, then, Mrs Allen told us, and we were so excited! We are actually writing back to you guys, right now!

~Natalie (in Mrs. Allen's class.)

Natalie (in Mrs. Allen class) said...

Hey Alexandra,

We loved them! It was probabley the best thing that we have ever recived so far! We can't wait to hear more from you! Hope you guys like our letters!


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