Monday, October 22, 2012

3 States of Matter

Today we learned about the three states of matter (solid,liquid,and gas), and to help us learn how they are different, we morphed into particles to "become" a class solid, a class liquid, or a class gas.

A solid's particles are packed in tightly together, which helps it keep its shape. 

Notice how we, the particles that make up
our class solid, are packed in closely together. 

A liquid's particles are packed loosely, which allows the liquid to move freely and take the shape of its container. Sometimes particles of a liquid bump into each other, too. 

As part of the class liquid, each particle had to move around near one another--which meant, occasionally, the particles softly bumped into each other.

The particles of a gas move about freely and quickly, rarely bumping into each other since they are so far apart. 

Notice in both pictures, above and below, the particles of gas are spread out much further than when they were solid or liquid particles.

When we were through morphing from solid particles, then to liquid particles, and finally to gas particles, we gathered with our teams and together worked as a team to "become" a solid, liquid, or a gas together.

Thankfully, the weather cooperated with us, and it was a perfect day for this learning activity!


Amy B said...

This is a great posting and something I love to do with my third grade students. One of the "games" we play is to have a group of 4 students pull a state of matter from a hat and "act out" a phase change! So 4 students grouped tightly together? Solid! Add some heat, they melt and start behaving like a liquid. The other students guess starting and ending states and name the phase change. GREAT test review! Have fun!!

Natalie (in Mrs. Allen's class) said...

Hi Amy,

Sounds like fun! And, thanks! Our class would probabley like to do that too! I'll ask Mrs. Allen. Keep on doing what you do! And, have fun too! :)

Natalie (in Mrs. Allen's class)

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