Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our 1st Mystery Skype Experience by Bailey and Jaden

**Note: No corrections made to student writing in the following post.

Also, all pictures were taken by Hunter and Jacob on our Sony Bloggie, which is the new class camera we got through our Donors Choose grant!


We already wrote down our questions for the Mystrey Skype.
Now we are waiting to Skype with our mystery class and we cant wait!
Here are some of our favorite clues :

We boarder the Mississippi River .
We were in the Louisana  purchase.
We are in the Midwest.
We are the Show-me state.
We are part of Mr.MIMAL.
Our state bird is the Bluebird.
Our state tree is Dogwood.

If you were  wondering  what Mr.MIMAL is  he is made up of  Minnesota,Iwoa,Missouri,ArkanasMississippi,Louisana.

We are about to have our first Mystrey Skype!

We are calling Mrs.Pratt's Class.


We are introduceing our selfs.
They gave us our first clue and it is "we border the Golf Of Mexico".
Their state was Texas.
The clue right before they guessed our state was we our 2 states below Canada.
They guessed our state Missouri.
They had to tell us there city due to time  they live in Anna, Texas


We said goodbye and went to lunch.

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