Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Dead Word Cemetery

Inspired by the "Dead Word" post on this blog HERE, we buried over twenty words in our Dead Word Cemetery on Friday.

How did we decide which words to bury? Well, we first discussed words we tend to use way too much in our writing such as good, nice, pretty, and bad. These words, when over-used, can sometimes cause our writing to be a bit bland if we're not careful.We then brainstormed a gigantic list of words we thought should die in our writing (or avoided as much as possible) and then created tombstones to celebrate their lives.


thedevineone said...

Thanks for sharing. I will do the same thing with my sixth graders in Cincinnati.

Anonymous said...

Wow room 121!
It looks like you all had loads of fun creating those.
What a wonderful post.
Keep up the GREAT work.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Thanks for the examples!

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