Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beginning of the Year Highlights by Bailey #2 and Trevor

Here in room 121 we have had a amazing start of school so far. (Trevor)
  • We have made a lava lamp in science.(Bailey) 
  • We have had fun but still learned at the same time.(Trevor) 
  • We have also played many brain breaks and played many learning games.(Bailey) (EX: beanie baby hot potato ,lucky corner games, Factor Captor,). 
  •  We have had two experiments so far, one was the lava lamp and the other was a spunge.(Trevor)
  • We also have class jobs I have the mail and line leader job and Trevor has the energy saver job. (Bailey) 
  • We have a line up order which is really neat and organized.(Trevor)
  •  We got a new rat named Mr.Nibbles(Bailey) 

Trevor and Bailey

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