Friday, September 13, 2013

Our 1st Time Working at the Greenhouse

This was our first time going to the greenhouse. Farmer Curtis was teaching us about the different types of tools. ~Nathan

We learned different names of tools like the precision hoe and the cultivator. ~Trevor

We had certain jobs in the greenhouse like raking, watering, and harvesting. ~Zach

We also tasted grapes and they were sweet at first and then they were sour. ~Colby

We are learning from Farmer Curtis about what we are going to do in the greenhouse. ~Bailey

I was using the cultivator and it gets rid of weeds. ~Milo

I had a different kind of cultivator here and it was harder to get out weeds. ~Bailey2

I was using a shovel to dig a hole for a plant, but it was really hard. ~Alex

We were watering cherry tomato plants. ~Whitney
I  got soaked, but next time I'll be a little more careful. ~Ian

I am using a rake to plow out stuff and make the ground softer, so we can make holes for the plants ~Trevor
I was making sure that Trevor and Nathan didn't miss anything, and I would get the middle since they were on the two sides. ~Zach

It was my first time harvesting garlic, and it was really fun. ~Bailey1
I harvested a big garlic glove that had purple and yellow on the outside.~Alex
I was digging holes to try and find garlic. ~Stacy

I was helping  Garden Granny look for garlic. 

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