Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Highlights of the Week 10/3-10/7

Our focus this week is on the following concepts:

  • place value of whole numbers and decimals
  • writing numbers in standard and expanded notation

  • adding and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers and decimals

  • multiplying multi-digit whole numbers and decimals

  • capacity equivalencies (gallon, pints, cups, etc.) 

  • **Optional math homework was available on Monday, which focused on expanded notation. That was due Wednesday for those who chose to complete it.

    ***Optional math homework was available Wednesday, which focused on adding decimals. That will be due on Friday for those who choose to complete it. Students are welcome to bring home a box of crayons or markers if they need it.

    Communication Arts 
    Aside from our weekly Read-to-Self, spelling practice, and free-writing, we've been learning how to make comments on one another's blog posts and other class' blogs from around the world.
    • Something we are working on is applying what we know about capitalization (beginnings of sentences, proper nouns, etc.), punctuation (end punctuation and apostrophes), and common homophones (your/you're, to/too, etc.) to our comments we make on other students' blogs. 
      • Here are some pictures of us commenting on blogs on Wednesday:

      • On Tuesday we continued with the second installment of our O.R.E.O. project: sculpting! We wrote out ideas we had and mapped out our plans for how we planned to create our sculptures. After working on our plan for awhile, some of us revised our plan and wrote completely new ones altogether. After about 30 minutes, we took a break to reflect on our sculpting experience so far: what was or wasn't working, how much we had left to do, what we planned to do next, if it was more difficult or easier than we originally expected, etc. As we finished our final sculptures, we then wrote expository pieces about "how to" make our sculptures. Everyone finished a first draft, so we will begin working on revising and editing next week. 
        • A few sculptures (we'll be adding all of them as soon as we finish our how-to essays to accompany them): 

         **Spelling test for the lists this week will be Friday, October 14.

        ***Home Reading Logs (HRL's) are given out every Monday and due the following Monday. Students are expected to read at least 30 minutes 4 out of the 7 nights during the week.


        In addition to our time in the kitchen with Chef Rob on Thursday, our focus in science this week is an extension of last week: properties of matter. Our goal for this week is to learn some important vocabulary words related to the matter unit we are learning about: mass, volume, atom, mixture, and solution.

        We will be measuring the mass of Oreos (an extension of our O.R.E.O. project),  volume of rocks, creating a polymer (aka SLIME), and separating the hydrogen and oxygen atoms of water in a lab.

        • Under the direction of our choir teacher, Ms.Hogsett, we performed two songs on Wednesday morning at the district principals' meeting held at our school! On Tuesday afternoon and early Wednesday morning, we were fortunate enough to be able to spend time rehearsing, so we had quite a polished performance!  Check us out in the picture on the right!

          • On Thursday afternoon, we will be making a scarecrow with the help of Madison's mom. Our scarecrow will be available at the Fall Fest on Friday. 
          • We will be getting new teams on Thursday, and this time we will be coming up with a team name and spending time really focusing on learning how to work cooperatively together.  
          • On Friday, we will be getting our classroom jobs. We wrote persuasive letters last week to prove why we are the best person for the job we are applying for, and we'll be learning a little more about our class economic system!

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