Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Learning Highlights 10/10-10/21

While we will be reviewing many, many prior concepts, these are the main concepts we are focusing on:
  • more practice with adding & subtracting decimals
  • multiplying decimals
  • data & landmarks
  • probability 
  • rounding & estimating
To watch an interactive video on any of the above math concepts, go here and type in the concept in the search box in the upper right hand corner. 

    Communication Arts
    • making connections during Read-to-Self 
    • previewing novels for Book Clubs beginning the week of 10/17-10/21
      • letter writing
        • We will be writing letters to our pen pals in Mr.Malany's class in Kenton, Ohio, this week!
      • spelling 
        • We will spend time practicing our spelling words on Spelling City.
      • Oreo sculpture "how-to" second drafts
      • verbs 
        • action verbs
        • linking verbs
        • helping verbs 
        • Here's a verb video we'll be watching to learn more about verbs:

      • cooking in the kitchen with Chef Rob on Thursday, 10/13
      • working in the greenhouse with Farmer Curtis on Thursday, 10/20
      • measuring the mass of Oreos as an extension of our O.R.E.O. project
      • separating the hydrogen and oxygen atoms from water in a lab
      • reviewing what we've learned so far about matter in a "Find Someone Who" activity; quiz will occur two days after review (specific date TBA)
      • mobile science van special activity on Thursday, 10/13

        • "Don't Meth with Me" presentation on Wednesday, 10/12 to learn the harmful effects of meth and its shocking prevalence in Missouri and immediate surrounding areas
        • counselor visit on Friday, 10/14
        • Sometime during the week of 10/17-10/21, we will be watching the Family Life and Safety videos.


        • On Tuesday, October 11, we learned what we had in common with the fellow classmates in our team; we will be using these commonalities to generate a team name to help us improve team spirit and cooperation for cooperative learning activities to come! 
        • On Friday, October 14, we worked in our teams to develop our team names. All but a couple teams finished finalizing their team name.
        • On Wednesday, October 19, we will be going on our field trip to the art museum!
        • On Thursday morning, October 20, we will be going to the Health Fair.

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