Sunday, November 13, 2011

Book Clubs- setting first reading goals & sharing predictions

On Wednesday, October 19, we previewed eight different books, so we could begin book clubs on Friday. For each book, we read the back cover, read the first couple pages, checked for comprehension using the 5-finger rule, and ranked the books #1-8 based on which ones seemed the most interesting to each of us--with comments to explain why we ranked the books the way we did.

On Friday, we formed our book clubs based on our top 3 choices and independently recorded predictions about what our book would be about in our reading logs; then we met with others in our book club for the first time to share predictions and make our first reading goals.

In the videos below, you'll find us discussing our predictions and making our first reading goals. The last video features all of us beginning to read our new book club books!

**Note: the videos are in their roughest form and have not been edited. The purpose is to document our learning, share the conversations, and spread the excitement we felt meeting with book clubs in our classroom for the first time of the year!

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