Sunday, November 13, 2011

Learning Highlights 11/7-11/18


  • geometry vocabulary (via in-class foldable)
  • identify, describe and create tessellations 
  • identify, compare, and describe properties of polygons
  • measure angles with a protractor
  • define, describe, and name adjacent and vertical angles
  • investigate and compare angle sums of interior angles of polygons
  • compare, order, and name decimals
  • use table data to answer questions

Communication Arts
  • summarize book club books
  • finish book club reading goals
  • begin book club mini-project
  • begin learning a new component of Daily 5: Read to Someone! 
  • respond to pen pal letters from Mr.Malany's class--including explaining book club book and using the Story Structure cube to choose ways to reflect on book to pen pal.
  • possessive singular and plural nouns
  • different verbs: action, helping, and linking (Hopefully, we'll finally get to this!)
  • publish how-to Oreo sculpture to blog
  • begin "Thankful" comics on Bitstrip--with a focus on conventions and contractions

  • mechanical energy
  • use spring scale to measure amount of force needed to do work 
  • investigate and explore forces 

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