Monday, November 21, 2011

Cooking with Chef Rob- 10/13 (captions by Kamren and Madison)

 Brae'den,Alex,Jared,and Jaclyn are mashing garlic so we can put it in our stir fry!!

 Jacob and Wesley are cleaning the green, and red peppers before they go in our stir fry!!

 Landon and Raven are washing the dishes!!!

We are making the sauce for the stir fry.In the sauce there is crushed pineapples, soy sause, and toasted sesame seeds.YUM!!

Here Brooke is mixing the sauce!

Here some people are taking notes of what we are making and putting in the stir fry!

Chef Rob is taking the vegetables that have been cleaned for our stir fry and he is going to cut them into tiny pieces to put in the stir fry.

Chef Rob is showing us how to cut the peepers.

People our taking notes on how to cut peppers.

Chef Rob is showing us that when we cut the peppers we have to take out the part in the middle.

Shana and Haley are stiring egg plant.

Kamren is serving the stir fry.

Our delish stir fry!


chef rob said...

Am very proud of our 5th grade chefs! Their creativity and desire to learn is inspiring. My favorite day of the week is Thursday - the day we all cook together.

Happy cooking - chef rob

Mrs.Allen said...

Chef Rob-Thank you for letting us come to the kitchen. It's very fun. We are really looking
forward to our next visit to the kitchen. Thanks!

~Emma (student in room 121)

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