Thursday, March 21, 2013

Angry Verbs -- updated!

Last March, in Room 121, we created Angry Verbs using Angry Bird characters to review verbs: we wrote sentences on them and underlined the verb in each of our sentences. (Check out the post HERE.)

This year, however, in Room 121, we came up with an updated version of Angry Verbs.... and we took it a step further.

First, a few students stayed after school on Wednesday to design and create an elaborate background for our door. Jacob took over the grass and helped create realistic patches here and there; he also helped tape and arrange everything. Anna decorated the "Angry Verbs" sign, and she helped tape and arrange the foundation for the sky and grass. Also, a student in the other 5th grade class, graciously offered to help as well: his main contribution was the idea for clouds--how and where to arrange them--and he was tremendously helpful in collaborating with the others on how to arrange everything on the door.

McKenzie thought of recreating a scene from the actual Angry Birds game by designing and positioning the sling shot and tower.

 She also created the sun and came up with the ideas of speech bubbles as well for the sun, bird, and pig.

For the actual Angry Verbs, each student in Room 121, chose a strong verb to use in a sentence; then he/she underlined the strong verb.  To read more about where this original idea came from, CLICK HERE.

Check out some of this year's examples of Angry Verbs:

Afterwards, during Daily 5, we took turns examining the door, so we could choose at least 7 verbs from the Angry Verbs to use in a short, creative paragraph.

Check out some of the creative writing we came up with using our Angry Verbs!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks, kids, for sharing your artwork and creativity!

Anonymous said...

This is extremely creative and completely done by students! I hope to use this in my classroom. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

We love your Angry Verbs! They are cute and cool!
from Mrs. Sanders' class

Anonymous said...

We love your Angry Verbs! They are cute and cool. We will make them at our school. Mrs. Sanders' class

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